• Untitled (Laem Chabang)

    Ports and Ships

    Photos and text by Andrea Frank Here are photographs of cargo vessels that are either anchored in ports or waiting in position to enter their port of call. They are loaded with unknown goods, tightly integrated into a logistical system of mind boggling complexity that answers to pressures of time and related profit. The ship’s [...]

  • Vekol Valley, 2012

    Vekol Valley

    Photos and text by Johnny Milano www.johnnymilano.com   South of Interstate 8, outside of Maricopa, Arizona, the National Socialist Movement, the nation’s leading “White Civil Rights” group, operate a relatively unfettered bordered faction under the group name–United States Border Guard.   A work in progress of the NSMs Arizona border guard unit.    

  • pushup-e1313475537642

    Jessica Borusky

    The body is a location of mixed cultural messages. Through performance, video, text, and more recently, drawing, I address the polemics of such messages and question the body’s ability to surpass them. I consider ways in which specific language informs how we think about the body as a process of perfection, rather than empowerment. By [...]

  • CFord_A2A26-Tiffany-Patek1


    photos and text by Christopher Ford Newsprint is often hung in storefronts as businesses close or transition in and out of a space. The Dorchester studio space I have moved into has been recently remodeled from an uninhabited office space to an artist space. I clipped these newspaper advertisements and adhered them to the window [...]


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A New Patent Issued For An Art Form: The Artist/Inventor Turns His Back On A 2 Billion Dollar Art Factory

by Michael Kaufman In preparation for my annual pilgrimage to Basel, I have focused specifically on The Solo Project, which is one of many satellite fairs orbiting together with Art Basel in Switzerland. The Basel brand has metastasized to the U.S. and recently Hong-Kong, bringing with it a variety of wannabes such as the Solo [...]


Realism and Rancière: Arts in Occupy

Realism and Rancière: Arts in Occupy by Ruth Erickson Photo by Jeff Mitchell/ The Daily Collegian Much has been written about the relations between the arts and the Occupy Movement (or, perhaps, occupy movements) because from the very beginning art and artists have played galvanizing roles. Nato Thompson, the Chief Curator at Creative Time and [...]


Natural Speaking by J.D. Ho

I can currently neither read nor write without the assistance of machines. I am composing this essay with a speech recognition program called Dragon NaturallySpeaking. In order to use it, I wear headphones and a microphone. I stare at the computer screen as I speak. Speech recognition is now remarkably accurate, but despite Dragon’s claim [...]