In the Name of Art: Chocolate Anus

by TJ Morey


Magnus Irvin, Solid Bronze Anus, cradled in an elegant presentation box


You know your day’s about to get really adventurous when the person sitting next to you in a bus expresses his dismay in casting his own anus, and you decide to volunteer.

Well, that’s precisely what happened to this anonymous and enthusiastic volunteer when Magnus Irvin sat next to her in a bus. Irvin, an artist hailing from England, has been vehemently trying to cast his own anus since 2006 but has met with failure time and again until the volunteer butted in, literally.

The chocolate anuses are prepared through the first mould and come in a wide variety, right from richest Belgian chocolate to the creamiest white one. And if that doesn’t intrigue you enough, there are glass anuses that light up like the pole star! Wait, is that too crass for the classy you? You can always opt for your very own custom-made bronze or silver anus all for yourself!

A breather or sorts, the chocolate anus manages to unintentionally mock the hipster vegans of today’s art scene who adorn every art gallery with a painting of their own vagina. The anus finally seems to have gotten the worthy respect it deserves.

A brainchild of Irvin, he firmly believes the anus range can dissolve cultural boundaries of race, gender, class, and sexual orientation. Pushing the boundaries of stigma and ethics attached to art, Irvin has always dabbled in the obscure. Right from manufacturing PooCards to Chocolate Anuses, Irvin has managed to slip in a chuckle into our lives through his art form.


We managed to have a chat with him about his art and his creation. Here’s what he had to say.

  • What did you dabble in, prior to moulding people’s butts?

I am an artist and have produced works in a huge variety of media and thus see the Anus casting as an extension of that.

  • What inspired you to mould anuses in particular? Were the initial stages of perfecting the art difficult? Especially since you tried moulding your own anus? 

Making a mould of one’s own anus is difficult. Much easier to get a model. My inspiration came from the same mysterious place where all artistic ideas originate – I could sense something poetic about anuses and chocolate and began by casting them in plain chocolate.

  • Any other mould you would be keen on crafting in the future? Belly button? Nasal Cavity?

I have no interest in casting other body parts. I have done teeth, ears and noses in chocolate but they are novelties. The anus is art.

  • Any butt in particular that you prefer to mould?

I don’t have any anuses in mind that I particularly desire to cast. Celebrity anuses may be of interest to some but despite all being distinct from each other, anuses are basically similar. Since the anus is the only visible documentation, you would not know if it was Bob Dylan or Angelina Jolie. (hmm. Maybe you might)

  • How has the response been in Britain? And how’s the world reacting to it?

The world has reacted to anus casting in a most surprising way. Over 4,000,000 hits in a month on the film. Not sure how England has reacted as the Internet is anonymous. We have had quite a few orders of anus chocolates and poocards from our site

  • How’s the custom bronze anus business going? 

We have had some bronze anus orders. Main interest has been from USA.

  • What’s brewing in the workshop lately? Any new project you’re willing to undertake?

No new products planned at moment although we are trying to find a pop-up shop for our products. One must not forget that this is art and as such encompasses sculpture and performance. Above all it’s meant to be fun and if it raises a few laughs, all the better.

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