You’ve got 65 emails to read, 47 notifications from Facebook and flooding mentions on Twitter. In a wipe and a swipe, you can either read all your messages, or delete them. During lunch break, you fight off the Pork Side in Angry Birds Star Wars, flipping the tiny winged creatures into the sky with revenge. Then, you get a Skype call from your boss and your ten-minute video conference gets done without you having to put on your stilettos and run back into your office. There’s an alert reminding you not to order a Frappé just because you need to fit into a gown and a few more carbs may bungle your waistline. After a few minutes of watching silly videos on Buzzfeed, you get that most-dreaded dialogue box, the last thing you’d want to see:

20% of your battery remaining.

Everything stops to a halt when the battery meter turns red. Unless you’re hanging out inside a cafe, you’re most likely to put your smartphone away and savor every last percent. A dead battery means a break from all the calls, the emails and online notifications. No messaging. No Twitter. No Facebook. Your fingers get some rest from all the touch screen action and somehow, you feel lonely. All you can notice is the deep purple nail polish you had on since yesterday. Not being able to use this one little gadget can make you feel temporarily cut off from existence.

But don’t fret. Of course you can run to your local drug store and buy a $20 pre-charged USB charger—an on-the-go “energy bank” that is a small, lightweight object designed to power charge your device in the confines of your purse or pocket—but what about a USB charger that is designed to be a bag or pouch?

Taking a noteworthy turn from the normal external power bank is emPOWERED, a brand created by Loni Edwards, founder and CEO of Stitch Collective Inc, Co-Chair of the Harvard Law Entrepreneurs Network, and Mentor at Andover Thought in Action. The company’s goal is to “create the ideal solution to the perpetual problem for the woman on the go”: To keep her smartphone alive!

Rather than basing her design from the USB chargers out in the market, Edwards decided to make something fresh, something fancy, and something that will suit a fashionable consumer’s taste. The result: a collection of leather goods that functions as a charger for any electronic device that will fit inside the pouch.

emPOWERED’s concept is the fusion of a modern woman’s basic need: to fuse fashion and function. Yes, we may have been set forth into the world with looks that captivate and intimidate men, but we are not a face without value! We desire purpose! The women of today are go-getters; we do desire success. Stopping means delay, and any delay is UNACCEPTABLE in this fast-paced world.

Fortunately, ladies, these trifles are solved by a handy union of style and technology, all in a form of a bag. Made by a woman who knows all-too-well how it feels to have her one source of communication down, emPOWERED imbibes the concept of being constantly reassured. With this product, Edwards managed to fulfill three needs of the modern woman: to keep her smart phone alive; to have a luxurious, everyday bag to contain all her essentials; and to combine these two necessities in an all-in-one product that saves her money and space.


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