Solidarity after “Sharing”: Notes on Internet Subjects #1

Solidarity after “Sharing”: Notes on Internet Subjects #1

Enormous amounts of capital have been amassed of late under the banner of the so-called “sharing” economy, characterized by companies such as Uber and Airbnb that have garnered multi-billion dollar valuations for creating platforms in which individuals offer their services and property for rent.

Such platforms have advanced a narrative in the media that their services are emancipatory and disruptive of old-fashioned, inefficient industries, going so far as to promise “revolution” amid broken systems. But what, exactly, is being brought into existence by this revolution? And who is it for?

These questions were discussed in depth at Internet Subjects, a “flash panel” on the sharing economy last night, presented by Rhizome at the New Museum and trenchantly moderated by Kate Crawford. Here’s what emerged.


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