Issue 1: Vol. 1



A Farewell to Flesh, Kim Vose-Jones by Joss Richer

La Carte d’Aprés Nature by Natalie Renee Fasano

Man Ray / Lee Miller, Partners in Surrealism by Robin Beaudoin

Midnight in Paris by Robin Beaudoin

Shifting Terrain by Kimberly Ruth

Sweet Funk, Sanford Biggers by Chanice Hughes-Greenberg


Artist Projects

Jessica Borusky

Andrea Frank



Displaced Selves: Natural and Mediated Identity in the Films of Atom Egoyan by Stuart Kurtz

Edit My Life: Gender Performance in the Facebook Age by Vincent Scarpa

Grids Next Door by Cindy Hinant

Preparing for Performance Art with Marina Abramovic by Brittany Bailey

To Gnaw with Gratitude by Erik Benjamins



Natural Speaking by J.D. Ho

My Electric Dinner by Seth Shaw


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