Displaced Selves: Natural and Mediated Identity in the Films of Atom Egoyan


By Stuart Kurtz There’s a seemingly innocent tracking boom shot in Felicia’s Journey. Felicia, pregnant, tossed out by her father, and in search of her boyfriend in the English army, walks alone along one of Birmingham’s canals. She continues under a road bridge to emerge on the other side in a garden. Seen through Egoyan’s […]

Teaching Ethics in a Dark World


by Howie Good As I begin another semester, I find myself wondering whether it is irresponsible of me to teach students to take democratic ideals and ethical principles seriously and then send them out into a world that has little respect for either. Twice a year for the past 25 years, I have taught a […]

Editorial, Issue 1


NOTE FROM THE EDITOR I was organizing my notes last night in preparation to write an exhibition review of the Currier Museum’s summer video installation show Shifting Terrain: Landscape Video. I knew that the show fit in quite well with the theme of Gnome Magazine’s first issue, Technology and the Body, but I had no […]