Realism and Rancière: Arts in Occupy


Realism and Rancière: Arts in Occupy by Ruth Erickson Photo by Jeff Mitchell/ The Daily Collegian Much has been written about the relations between the arts and the Occupy Movement (or, perhaps, occupy movements) because from the very beginning art and artists have played galvanizing roles. Nato Thompson, the Chief Curator at Creative Time and […]

Natural Speaking by J.D. Ho


I can currently neither read nor write without the assistance of machines. I am composing this essay with a speech recognition program called Dragon NaturallySpeaking. In order to use it, I wear headphones and a microphone. I stare at the computer screen as I speak. Speech recognition is now remarkably accurate, but despite Dragon’s claim […]

We Are All Cultural Producers: Institutionalized Criticism and Agonistic Frame-works

Jeff Koons, Made in Heaven

by Lizzie Hurst In the world of cultural production, there is work:  art-works and  frame-works. My  main interest here is the frame-work: the receiving of a work of art—an action we all are capable of doing—as it relates to commercial criticism  and what might be termed an overall societal “crisis” of valuation. If value and […]