A Year Later: Reflections, Politics and Bombs


A Year Later: Reflections, Politics and Bombs By Kimberly Ruth In April of 2013, my department was a bit on edge. The stress from parting faculty, student over-enrollment, low budgets and the tension caused by those who just couldn’t get along created an atmosphere that was something like a scene from The Faculty; I was […]

Preparing for Performance Art with Marina Abromovic


by Brittany Bailey My name is Brittany Bailey and I am a performing artist living in New York City. In the spring of 2010, I completed a three-month performance with Marina Abramovic and 30 other performing artists at the Museum of Modern Art. My participation was on the 6 th floor of the museum as part of a […]

A New Patent Issued For An Art Form: The Artist/Inventor Turns His Back On A $2 Billion Art Factory


by Michael Kaufman In preparation for my annual pilgrimage to Basel, I have focused specifically on The Solo Project, which is one of many satellite fairs orbiting together with Art Basel in Switzerland. The Basel brand has metastasized to the U.S. and recently Hong-Kong, bringing with it a variety of wannabes such as the Solo […]