Amazon’s White Patent

white_book_for_background copy

AMAZON’S WHITE PATENT by Alexandra Salazar Much to critical chagrin, Amazon was awarded a patent for what has commonly been simplified as “photographs with subjects against a white background.” In actuality, the patent granted to Amazon on March 18, 2014 is for a studio setup method to produce images featuring a seamless, shadow-less white background […]

Intimacy v Interwebz


Intimacy v Interwebz by Taylor Mazza Before the Internet graced the desks—and then the laps, and the palms—of the general public, “intimacy” was a fairly straightforward term. The level of closeness between the constituents of any given twosome was formerly measured in terms of “the level of commitment and positive affective, and the physical and […]

The Artist in Academia


The Artist in Academia by Elizabeth Earley How did a semi anti-establishment, rule-thwarting, convention-trashing writer such as myself end up with an M.F.A. degree after six semesters in graduate school? It’s a puzzle, sometimes even to myself. I never believed whole-heartedly in the graduate of fine arts degree. In fact, there was a time when […]