Dumb Video

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Happy Valentine’s Day! As a count-down to Valentines Day, we are featuring 1 dumb video per day for the next four days by a group of artists collectively known as DUMB Video.  

Citizen Science: So Eighteenth Century!


Growing up in Hawaii, I dreamed of becoming an ecologist at Lake Baikal in Russia or an archaeologist in Tanzania. I had maps of Africa on my bedroom wall, and I always expected I’d someday venture to the places pictured in them. But because, as an undergraduate, I chose to major in English instead of […]

Pierre Huyghe


      Pierre Huyghe The Artist’s Institute, New York City By Lucia Hinojosa Images Courtesy of The Artist’s Institute “How can these voluntary omissions be explained?”- Jorge Luis Borges (From Pierre Huyghe’s selection of The Garden of Forking Paths)         Whenever decentered models of thought challenge human consciousness, an external structure […]